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Denon's AVR-5805 Arkadelphia AR

The AVR-5805 supplies sound to a home theater plus as many as three additional rooms. One of those three can even have surround sound, so you can set up a second home theater without adding a second receiver.

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Denon's AVR-5805

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June 1, 2005 By Alex Gonzalez

The Denon AVR-5805 audio/video receiver embodies the super-size concept in ways even McDonald’s must envy. This product weighs 92 pounds—as much as 368 Quarter Pounders. Denon has squeezed more ingredients into the AVR-5805 than any past receiver has held. And it measures 11 inches high—more than an inch taller than the previous record holder, Sony’s STR-DA9000ES.

Packing a receiver with every possible feature is not necessarily good; gratuitous adjustments can make a receiver difficult to use without delivering real benefits. But enough of the AVR-5805’s innovative features prove genuinely handy that competing products now seem under-equipped.

For this review, we focus on what’s really different about the AVR-5805: its power amplifier assignment and video capabilities. And we will also discuss something you cannot evaluate in a dealer showroom: the AVR-5805’s sound quality. If you insist on knowing every last detail, and have the patience to read through an 11.2-megabyte PDF file, download the manual from Denon’s website.One look at the rear panel tells you Denon has cooked up something special here—the speaker-cable binding posts are not labeled “center,” “left surround,” etc., as on other receivers. Instead, Denon places the binding posts in two columns, one labeled “left,” one labeled “right.” That’s because you or your installer can assign each of the 10 170-watt amps for any use. You can create a home theater system with as many as nine speakers plus three subwoofers. Or you can eliminate some of the surround speakers and use those channels to power speakers in another room. You can also use the extra channels to double the power to the front speakers (a technique referred to as biamping).

The two touchscreens on the AVR-5805’s remote control (right) illuminate in an attention-getting cyan shade when you pick up or move the remote. The remote can also control other audiovisual components. (Click image to enlarge)

The AVR-5805 supplies sound to a home theater plus as many as three additional rooms. One of those three can even have surround sound, so you can set up a second home theater without adding a second receiver. Of course, even 10 amps are not enough to power all of those speakers, so you will have to add amps to exploit all the possibilities.

Few receivers or surround-sound processors keep pace with changes in video standards, but the AVR-5805 is as up-to-date as it could be. It is the only receiver or surround processor we have tested that offers both HDMI and DVI digital video capabilities; you can connect as many as three HDMI sources and one DVI source, and output the digital video as either HDMI or DVI. (At press time, the only other receiver we know of with HDMI capability is the Integra DTR-10.5, which offers HDMI as an add-on option.) Generally speaking, these digital video connections will give you the best picture quality. The AVR-5805 also has an internal scaler that upconverts ...

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