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NuVision NVU55FX5LS Review Vernal UT

NuVision has steadily expanded their line of premium flat panel HDTVs through a period of 5 years, and are now offering this; their first LED-powered model, the 55-inch NVU55FX5LS (40- and 46-inch models are also available). read more

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NuVision NVU55FX5LS Review

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January 18, 2010 By David Birch-Jones

When less is more

Established just five years ago, NuVision has steadily expanded their line of premium flat panel HDTVs and are now offering this, their first LED-powered model, the 55-inch NVU55FX5LS (40- and 46-inch models are also available).

NuVision NVU55FX5LSUsing LEDs to provide the necessary backlighting (in lieu of the conventional fluorescent light used in most LCD sets) is a growing trend in the high-end LCD flat-panel category.

With this latest NuVision set, the LCD imaging panel is framed on the top and bottom by rows of white LEDs that direct their energy to a multi-layer diffusion system that spreads the light behind the individual liquid crystal imaging elements across the entire panel.

While local dimming LED backlighting is the present top tier in premium LCD HDTVs (and NuVision has just such a model coming in the first half of the year), LED edgelighting still has definite performance advantages over conventional fluorescent lamp-powered sets, not the least of which is significantly reduced cabinet depth and the promise of greater energy efficiency.

NuVision has built a dealer network of custom integration firms, and they have a number of custom installation-oriented features in their sets.

For example, the front panel infrared sensor window includes two infrared eyes, one for infrared codes carried over a 38 kHz carrier frequency (the most popular method) and the other for codes modulated at 56.7 kHz.

Some source components, such as some cable and satellite tuners, use the higher carrier frequency, which often means using an infrared repeater system if the equipment isn’t in proximity to the set. Via the NuControl port, which uses a standard RJ-45 connector, the custom integrator can retrieve and redistribute remote control commands and also control the set with an external system controller via serial commands. This is the kind of custom-integration solution that the major HDTV brands don’t offer.

The remote control itself is nicely designed and features direct input selection buttons along with picture aspect ratio control buttons. These are definite pluses, along with blue backlighting, which is a big help in a darkened home theater room.

NuVision NVU55FX5LS ReviewNuVision points out that roughly four-fifths of their larger-screen customers wall mount their sets. So they don’t provide a stand with the set, as including a stand with every set would raise costs and would just add to already bulging landfills. An optional table-top stand is available for a reasonable $199.

NuVision also points out that their sets receive a lot more individual attention at the factory, including calibration. The 55-inch review sample tested here scored very well, with very good colorimetry and a commendably flat gray scale right out of the box that was oh-so-close to the D65 neutral color temperature ideal. Calibration-adjustment controls are offered for additional tuning after installation, behind a password-protected menu. T...

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